An original blend of nonfiction how-to and insider humor, PUNK ROCK ETIQUETTE includes everything from guidelines for choosing your bandmates and name, to detailed instructions for screenprinting your own merch, to the only known complete record of the immutable laws of stage etiquette.

Filled with insider information, helpful advice, and hilarious anecdotes, this is an unlimited backstage pass - perfect for aspiring musicians, indie scene veterans, and anyone who's curious about what goes on in the hours between the last chord and the next big show. Published by Roaring Brook Press / Macmillan.

PUNK ROCK ETIQUETTE was awarded a Blue Ribbon by The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books. I KNOW, RIGHT? We are still waiting for an actual, physical ribbon. Do they do those?

YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association nominated PUNK ROCK ETIQUETTE as one of the Best Books for Young Adults, as well as one of their 2009 Popular Paperbacks. In the Fame and Fortune Catagory. Along with some book about a school for wizards. Like that'll ever catch on.