Hi. I'm Travis Nichols, an author and illustrator of books and comics for kids and post-kids. Books o'mine have been published by Chronicle, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, and Viz. I've written and illustrated comics for SpongeBob SquarePants, Uglydoll, and Hello Kitty. I also run More Lies Publishing, where I put out stories and supplies. The HECKADECK is available now!

Voice! Words! Stories! I am also a (super) professional writer, editor, and manager of Content with a capital C. I specialize in quick, fun copy, character-driven stories, and educational content that doesn't stink. I love diving in, filling my brain, and making the world care about your dang pickles.

Please enjoy my digital online internal world wide website of HTMLs and whatnot. If you'd like to get in touch to chat book stuff, commission artwork, or back up facts for your unauthorized biography, clicky-clack on that lil' CONTACT link. Go ahead!