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Travis Nichols

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Teen Book Generator

Travis Nichols

Dug this out of the archives. A few years ago, I made this handy little teen book generator. A little chart to help writers come up with book ideas. I mean, you know, sort of. Anyway, here. Here is that thing I was just telling you about.



Travis Nichols

I was cleaning out my desk this morning (that’s a lie), and I found the original dummy sheet for the recipe comic I did for Saveur. On the sheet, I sketched out ideas and the layout for my comic and thought I’d post it. Here’s what that looked like.


I usually draw dummy pages/books on whatever paper I have lying around. This one on the back of half of a comic I did for Comics Express for Joplin, Missouri, a free comic book for kids in Joplin that was put together by some of the old team at Nickelodeon Magazine (my page is on this site). I was super honored and happy to be a part of that project. KIDS.

Anyway, so from there I go to pencils, and then to inks. I drew this one on a single sheet of 18″x24″ paper, making this the LARGEST SINGLE COMIC I HAVE EVER DRAWN.

If I can find my blue pencil, I draw with that so I don’t have to erase my lines before scanning. I couldn’t find my blue pencil that day, so I had to go back and erase and erase and erase and erase. And erase. Ooooof.


Ooooooooh. After that, I scan. I had to scan this comic in six parts because I have a wee scanner. Then I put it all together in Photoshop and color it.


Then I send off my work and make buckets of cash and buy another yacht or a helicopter.


See the full comic HERE.